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Motivational Speaking and/or Workshops


Types of Motivational Engagements

First, tell me about the people to whom I'd be SPEAKING: What kind of group (affinity, church, etc.) would I be addressing?  What kind of message(s?) is your audience interested in hearing?

Second, what goals (two, preferably) does the group (you?) have, and how could I help you-all in achieving them?

Let's talk, preferably by phone.  Call my toll-free number and specify some good times for me to call you back.

I need to be in dialogue with you about what you want, and whether I can provide it. I'd also outline the kinds of things, with your input of course, that I'd likely offer your people. This back-and-forth is important; in advance, thanks for your efforts to make this all work.

With regard to WORKSHOPS, again tell me about your group.  What kind of group is it?  What are they interested in?  Are there any divisive issues I should avoid?  Etc.

Let's talk and determine how I can be of maximum benefit to your group.  The more ideas we bat around, the better.