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Booking Dr. Jay

If you decide you want to proceed with coaching, I will ask you to put a small amount of money down on the table: $20, non-refundable.  For me, this will indicate that you are serious about proceeding; I will then send you the items mentioned below.

Essentially, they will be forms/questionnaires about your background and family history.  I'll also ask you to write an autobiographical statement: your hopes and dreams, your fears, and your stops to realizing those desires. 

There's too much detail to go into here; all of it is about giving me some basis for understanding you, and determining how I can best help you achieve your aspirations.

After you have filled out the forms and sent them back to me, we'll spend twenty minutes discussing them on the phone.  After that, you'll be in a better position to decide if you want to proceed. 

By way of summary, in this introductory session we will spend most of our time discussing these two questions:

  • What goals you want to set for yourself;
  • And how do you want me to help you achieve them?

If we both agree that the vibes we're getting are positive, we'll make some agreements about proceeding.

The introductory price for these sessions is $100 per month, payable in advance.  That cost includes two thirty-minute sessions on the phone, bi-weekly.

So, there's only one question remaining: Are you worth it?

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