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This website is for people who have temporarily lost their bearings; it's also for people who sometimes have trouble staying focused on their own True North.

With that in mind, I invite you to think about two subjects:  storytelling, and what I call "cheering-on" energy.  In nautical terms, both are about "staying the course."

And NOT losing one's bearings.


First, storytelling.

In my book on the subject, Soul Sailing, I invite you to tell stories of you looking good, and you not looking so good.  The first is easy to remember and tell; the second we'd often just as soon forget. 

Stories of looking good, and not so good.  Why tell both?

Because we grow and mature spiritually as we remember them and the lessons they can teach us.  We become happier and more centered.  We stay focused on an inner compass that - for us as individuals - guides us toward True North.

So, and realizing there's much more to be said on all this, that's storytelling.


This website second subject?  "Cheering-On" energy. 

Corny as it may sound, I just love to cheer people on to achieve a goal that they've set for themselves.  I have no pom-poms or short skirts, but lots of proudly old-fashioned encouragement-energy to offer to clients.

There are other people ("coaches") who can encourage you.  My kind of energy is unque to me; that's why I call it cheering-on energy.


So, that's what this website is all about: stories, and my own unque brand of cheerleader energy.  I hope you find this site useful.  Let me know how I can serve you.  Thanks for visiting. 






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Utilizing storytelling techniques, Soul Sailing offers hands-on advice for helping readers grow spiritually. Rather than a "preachy" book (with lots of black space inside) it has an open and accessible feel to it. The book therefore offers readers a chance to interact with key episodes from their past. As a result, it involves the reader on virtually every page.